Home Page (Basics)

Document title

Click between the TITLE tags (where I've highlighted in the picture below) near the top of the page/code).

Type out what your website is about. It could be your first name and a description of what your page is about, ie "Mary's website". Below is what I did for my example.

This is what you want people to see in the title bar of Chrome when they look at your page (at the top left of your browser window or in the browser tab). You won't see anything change on your browser page yet, just the title tab like below.

Refresh your page (F5).

Website Heading

In your code, click on the empty line between the TD tags and type out what your website will be about.

Put heading tag H1 and around your heading as shown in the example below:

If you click on the tags, they should turn purple (means you've closed it properly).

So far you have something like this...

Table & Page heading centered

Go into the opening TABLE tag and add the following:

  • width="600"
  • align="center"
  • cellpadding="20"
  • border="1"

Your page looks like this...

Center the page heading

Go inside the H1 tag you already have and add align="center".

Your page looks like this...

List of topics/pages

  1. Enter before the green comment tag near the top of the page.
  2. Type out a list of the 4 topics/pages you will do.
  3. Add an empty line before the list and 2 empty lines after.

It won't look like a list yet in the browser, but that's OK.