Create Subpages

Create first subpage

Make sure you've saved your home page file in Notepad. Then go to File>Save As...You must give it a name for your first topic.

You can name it using 2 words, but then capitalize the first letter of each word, with no spaces! 

Or you can name the files with one word, no capitals...

Add basic tags to the page

Heading 2

After the first green comment, type out the heading for your "page 1" topic, wrapping H2 tags around it.


Go down a couple lines and add P tags, opening and closing like this. Don't type in the paragraph yet, we'll do it later.

If you save it and look in the browser, it should look something like this...

Create other subpages

  1. Save your first page.
  2. Now go to File>Save As...
  3. Make the file name a short name it (1-2 words,no spaces) for the second topic.

You'll now have your second page open. Make the page heading match the file/page. Copy the topic inside the H2.

Repeat the process:

  1. Save your current page.
    Make sure the current file is saved (file icon is blue, not red)!
  2. Go to File>Save As... and give it a file name for the 3rd topic (1-2 words, no spaces).

Change the H2 text to match the page's topic.

Repeat for the last topic/page.

  1. Save the current file.
  2. Go to File>Save As... give the page a short name for the last topic.
  3. Change the H2 text to match the page topic.