Do all the design on just one of your pages for now. Get it working, get it checked off and then you will be copying and pasting it into the other pages.

Background Colors

Click on THIS LINK (and keep it open in a new tab to use as reference). Bookmark the page so it's easy to come back to next class.

Go to the HTML color chart and find a color you'd like to use for the background of your page. Just click on any color you like, then copy the color # below using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C.

Click inside the TABLE tag after what you already have, add a space and type out the attribute bgcolor and paste the color number you copied (CTRL+V). You can also add a bordercolor and make the border thicker (2-5 pixels).

If your background color is medium/dark, you should change your text color to white. Go inside the BODY tag with and add the text attribute.

Change the bgcolor of the top row TR (that contains your H1).

Then it'll look something like this...

Background picture

Get a picture

Find a background picture for your page from this site:

Look through the thumbnails (hover over to see how it looks as the background for a page). 

When you find something you like, click on it, and right-click "Save Picture As"...

Save it to your website's "images" folder, name it something simple.

Put picture on the page

In the BODY tag, add background="" and add the picture source/name.

Test it out, see if it works and if you like it.