Page Font

Font type

Go inside the FONT tag after BODY, and add the face attribute.

Select a font from the list on the right, copy it (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) inside the quotation marks...

  • courier new
  • comic sans ms
  • bookman old style
  • century gothic
  • georgia

Links on two lines?

If you have a page font that's bigger and now your links don't fit on one line nicely anymore, add a BR tag after the second link...

Website Heading FONT (H1)

Font type

Add opening & closing FONT tags around the H1. Then click inside the opening FONT tag before the page heading (H1) and add the face attribute.

Copy and paste one of the font types from the list on the right for the face attribute.


  • arial black
  • broadway
  • cooper black
  • elephant
  • forte
  • goudy stout
  • impact
  • jokerman
  • ravie
  • rockwell extra bold
  • showcard gothic
  • stencil

Font color

Now find an HTML color for your website heading and put that inside the FONT tag you already have.

HR color & size

Also change the separating line to have a color and a thickness/size of about 1-3 pixels. You can make it the same as your TR bgcolor, or have it match the H1 color.

Page Heading Font (H2)

Select the opening FONT tag face attribute from your H1. Copy (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) before the H2 tag. Also copy the closing FONT tag after the H2's closing tag.

Here's with the H1 tag copied so H2 has the same color as H1...

If you don't like them matching, you can change/delete the color inside the H2 tag...