Link Colors

Attributes in BODY

Link colors will be set in the BODY tag using the following attributes:

  • link = color for links you haven't clicked on yet (default color = blue) 
  • vlink = color for links you've click on, visited (default color = purple)

You need to set these colors so they work with your table background color. They must both be unique and different from your regular text color. Go into the BODY tag and add the attributes link and vlink.

Change one link

Go to the links (above the green comment tag), and change one a bit so it won't work; this way we can see what a link color looks like that hasn't been visited.

If you take a look, the default colors are links are blue and visited links are purple.

Set link colors

Open the HTML Color reference webpage, copying and pasting HTML color numbers. You want the link color to be brighter, more eye-catching, and the vlink color to be more subtle. You cannot have the link/vlink colors be the same as your text!

Here's the colors I've chosen that worked with my example, the link is the brighter color, and the visited color is more subtle.

Here's my example...

Fix your link

Once your link colors have been checked off, fix your broken link back to the right location and save.