Copy Design to Other Pages

Copy the Look (backgrounds, fonts)

Have all your pages open in Notepad.

Then click and drag from the green comment on up to the top of the page on your first page (where you did all the design).

Copy it (CTRL+C).

On your 2nd page, select from the green comment up to the top... 

...and replace by pasting (CTRL+V). 

Repeat for your other pages.

Copy Font for Page Headings (H2)

Copy the opening FONT tag from your first page and copy (CTRL+C). Then paste it (CTRL+V) before the opening H2 tag on the other pages. Also copy and paste the closing FONT tag after the closing H2 tag on each page.

When you've done this on all pages, Save All.

Test it out. All your pages should have the same background picture, fonts, colors and page headings now.