Getting Started

Create starting page

Open Notepad++

Open Notepad++ from the search bar. Split your screen - Chrome on the left, Notepad on the right.

Pin it to your taskbar. 

Copy starting code

  1. Select the code below and copy it CTRL+C).
  2. Click at the top of your NP page and paste (CTRL+V).

<TR >
<TD >

<!--PAGE CONTENT goes after this-->

  1. Copy the following code (CTRL+C),
  2. Enter until you are at about line 40.
  3. Then paste (CTRL+V).

<!--don't delete or add anything past this point-->

It'll look something like this when you've done it:

Set Language

Go to Language>... and set to "HTML".

Now the tags should turn blue and the comments should be green...

Save the file

CTRL+S to save the page. Browse to your OneDrive folder. Go into your computers class folder and create a new folder "website-yourname" (no spaces). Go into that folder and save the file as "home".

Notepad settings

Word wrapping

Go to View>... and choose Word Wrap to set it to word wrapping so the text wraps around as you type. You'll only need to do this once on your computer, but if you change computers you'll have to do it again for that computer.

Notepad preferences

Go to Settings>Preferences...

In the dialog box that opens, go to Auto-Completion and uncheck the box for ". This sets it so you don't automatically get 2 quotation marks.

Then click on Close.

View in Chrome

As you'll be making changes you want to see for your page, open your "page1" in Chrome - go to RUN>Launch in Chrome...

It'll just be a blank webpage because we don't have anything on the page yet.