Home Page

Go to File>Open... and open your home page. If you already have your subpages open, just open the "home" page file. If not, open one of your subpages.

Copy Design to Home Page

  1. On one of your subpages, select everything from the green comment and above on one of your pages and copy (CTRL+C).
  2. Select everything from the green comment and above on your home page, and paste (CTRL+V).

Go to Run>Launch in Chrome to see the home page in the browser. It'll look something like this...

Ordered List

  • You will now change the links into an ordered list using OL tags instead of P tags.
  • Also delete the HR tag after the links.
  • Then add LI tags at the beginning of each link.
  • Also delete the separating lines (and BR tag)...

Save the page. Go to Run>Launch in Chrome... it should now look like a numbered list...

Insert Tall Pictures

Insert an IMG tag for the first picture, set the height to "180" and border to "2". Copy the IMG line and paste for the 3 other pages; then change the names.

Add a CENTER tag before and after the pictures.

If you look at your page, you now have something like this...