Open all the pages

Go to File>Open... and select all your pages (click and drag from below the files names up until they're all selected). Then click on "Open".

You don't need the "home" page file open, so you can close it.

Click on the first tab on the left.

Link Text

Before/after the topic list, add the following:

  • P tags -opening and closing
  • inside the opening P tag, add align="center"
  • HR tag (Horizontal Hule)

After the first 3 topics, add the following:

  1. Space Bar
  2. Vertical separating line (To type this, hold SHIFT and the key shown below)
  3. Space Bar

Do not add a separating line after the last topic! 

Save and take a look. Should be something like this...

If you have part of the link text on a second line, add a BR tag after the second link text. 

In my example I can do it now, or later when I do Design and see how it looks with whatever fonts I end up choosing... 

This would look something like this...

Add Links

Add A tags (opening and closing) around your first topic. Go inside the opening A tag, add href=""

Then copy and paste the opening and closing tags before and after the text...

Inside the href quotation marks, type out the name of the page file with the file type (.html). Use the tabs in Notepad as reference for how you've saved/spelled the page files.

Save your page and view it in the browser. They should all be underlined separately. If you've viewed any of your pages in the browser today, the links will be purple; if you haven't viewed them yet today in the browser, they'll be blue.

Click on a link and make sure it goes to the page with the right heading. 

Click the Back button after testing each link. 

If you get an error, it might be because either:

  • you didn't spell the file name correctly, OR
  • you forgot to include ".html" inside the href

Copy Links to other pages

Select everything from the green comment tag up to the top and copy (CTRL+C). 

Go to your second page. Click from after the green comment and drag to select everything above. Then paste (CTRL+V).

Repeat on the other pages (select green and up, then paste CTRL+V). Then Save All

You should now be able to click around your pages.