Unordered List code

Choose whichever page you'd like to work with first.

Create an unordered list, using UL tags (make sure it's closed, turns purple). Add 7 list items (LI) to start.

List Headings

Start by adding some list headings (what kind of info will you be able to say for each topic). You may want to Google search one of your subsection topics to get ideas for what kind of facts you can put here.

Here are some ideas:

  • MOVIES: Year, Genre, Length, Budget, Box Office, Ratings, Cast
  • TV SHOWS: Started, Network, Genre, Seasons, Setting, Cast
  • VIDEO GAMES: Released, Genre, Developer, Series, Engine, Platforms
  • SINGERS: Born, Years active, Genre, Where from, Favourite Songs
  • BANDS: Genre, Years, Favourite Songs, Band Members
  • ANIMALS: Names, Life Span, Origin, Height, Weight, Coat, Price, Temperament
  • CARS: Manufacturer, Assembly, Designer, Class, Engine, Top Speed, Production
  • ATHLETE: Born, Height, Weight, Position, Teams, Points
  • SPORTS TEAMS: Year Started, Location, Manager, Coach, Stanley Cup Finals, Players Jerseys Retired, Hall of Famers

Start by typing in the list heading with the color ":" at the end.

Add Bold tags (B) around the list headings/intros. Also make sure your headings have a colon ":" inside the bold tags.

If you can't think of 7 types of facts, you can choose one and turn it into a sublist, where you'll list 3-4 people/places/things for that heading. 

Add an Enter after the LI heading, add an opening UL tag after it, add a closing UL tag after a few LIs. 

Select the sublist code and TAB it in. This just makes it easier for you to work with.

You can add a few more LIs inside the sublist if you like. If you don't need them you can always delete them.

Copy Code to Other Pages

Select the list code and copy (CTRL+C). 

You can first type in the info for your first topic but then when you copy the list code to the other pages, you will have to delete that info before adding the info that is for those pages (=more work). Easier and less work to copy the list code without any info.

Go to your other pages and paste the list code (CTRL+V) after your paragraph tags.

Add List info for each page

Then go to each page and change the specific info for each topic. I've highlighted where you would add/change the info in the pictures below. 

Make sure you add a space before typing the info after the B closing tag for each list item. 

Space not added!
Space not added!
Space added
Space added

Take a look at each page when done in the browser. It should look something like this...