Getting Started

When you've decided on a year you'd like to do, you must sign up with the teacher (only 1 person per year).

Slide #1

Open a new PowerPoint presentation.

Pin "PowerPoint" to your taskbar.

In the first slide's title box, type out your year. In the subtitle box, type out your name and "Computers 8" and the date (month and year).

More Slides

Insert 11 more slides (total of 12), using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+M or the tool button (the main one, not the drop-down menu). 

Last slide

Go to the last slide (Slide #12), and type in "The End" in the title box, and "Thank you for watching" in the subtitle box.


Save your PPT before continuing (CTRL+S).

  1. File Location: click on Browse and go to Computer; then go into Z: >Computers 8....
  2. File Name: name it your year and your name, separated by spaces and a dash, for example 1985 - MaryS.