Animation: Event slides


Add any kind of green animation to the title. 


Click in each text box and add green entrance animation "Fade".

Double-click on the animation to open up Effect options, and change the Timing to "by letter".

In the ANIMATIONS tab, set the Duration to .5 (if a lot of text), or .75 or 1 sec (if only 1 sentence).


  1. Select your picture(s).
  2. Add any green entrance animation. 
  3. Change Start to "With Previous"
  4. Set the duration to 2 seconds so it slowly comes in with the text.
  1. Then select the second picture and give it a delay of 3-4 seconds

So your event slide at a glance...

Your other event slide is the same thing:

  1. Title - any kind of green animation, "On Click"
  2. Text - "On Click", Fade, by letter, duration .75-1 sec
  3. Pictures - "With Previous", duration 2 sec
    • second picture, add delay of 4 sec

You should get your project checked before moving on. Save it; then go to your folder and drag a copy into the hand in folder. Give the teacher your checklist and let her know you are ready to get checked.