Animation: List Slides

Animate List

For each list slide, do the following:

  1. Click in the title box and add an entrance animation.
  2. Click in the text box and add an entrance animation.
  3. Expand the list in the Animation Pane.

If you don't see the mouse icons, right-click on any animation in the list and "Hide Advanced Timeline".


Make sure the duration for the title or list is not too fast, at least 1 sec. If it's more than 1 second by default, you can just leave it.

Animate Pictures

Select all the pictures (click, SHIFT-click on them all) ...

...add any green animation to them. 

Then with animations still highlighted, go to the ANIMATION toolbar and set Start for all pictures to "With Previous".

With the picture animations still highlighted, if you look at the ANIMATIONS tab, if the duration is only .5 seconds, that's super fast for pictures to come in. Slow it down by increasing the duration to 2 seconds.

Your animations should look like this - title and bullets with a mouse icon in front; pictures with nothing in front.

Step 3: Animation Order

Change the order of the pictures so they come in with the matching bullet. 

  1. Click on the picture for the first bullet on the slide. It will become highlighted in the Animation Pane.
  2. Then click and drag the animation in the list up to go under the first bullet animation.

Repeat for the other pictures. Your animation list should look like this when you're done...

Your other slides should look the same, bullets with the mouse icon in front ("On Click"), and all pictures with nothing in front ("With Previous".