Lists Slides

You can copy info from the research page instead of typing it out. You will want to Reset your slide so it doesn't keep any formatting from the research webpage.

Slide #2: Movies

  1. List of 5
  2. Title = "Top Movies"

Slide #3: TV Shows

  • List of 4
  • Title = "Top TV Shows" or "TV Shows that Started", depending on your year

Year = 1980-1999

Year = 2000-2018

Slide #4: Births/Deaths

  • List of 3 (just copy name and info from the research page)
  • Title = "Births" or "Deaths", depending on your year

Year = 1980-2009

Year= 2010-2017


Find good quality pictures for each thing/person in your list. Resize and arrange them to fill up your slide; can be overlapping.