Song Slides


Change the Layout to "Section Header" for each slide.

Choose songs, add info to slides

You will see the list of songs for your year at the top of your research page. You can copy song info from there.

If you don't know which songs to use, go to Student Share>Koppejan>... and in the "Music" folder, you'll find the folders of songs for each year. Go into your year and listen to the songs...

Find a song you'd like to use in your presentation.

  1. Type the singer/band into the title box
  2. Type/copy the song name into the text box - make sure it's in quotation marks.

If you copy text from the research page (instead of typing it out), make sure to hit the Reset button on the HOME toolbar.

FindĀ 4 more songs you'd like to use. Add the singer and song name into the text boxes.