Animation: Song Slides

After you've inserted the songs on each slide and set them to play in the background, go to the ANIMATIONS tab and open the Animation Pane.

Song Animation

Play songs automatically

Make sure the song icon is selected. Then you should see the PLAYBACK toolbar. First click on Play in Background. 


Right-click on your song animation and "Hide Advanced Timeline".

If it looks like this, you're good to continue...

Stop playing after 2 slides

Double-click on the animation for the song. It should open the Effect window. Double-click on the "999"...and change it to "2". 

Add Animation to text and picture

1. Singer/Band

First animate the title box (singer/band), set duration to 1 sec.

2. Name of the song

Next click in the text box with the song name and add any kind of green animation, setting the duration to 1 second.

3. Picture

Add any kind of green animation to the picture, slowing down the duration to 2 seconds.

Repeat the previous steps for your other song slides.