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Each research page has sections with green headings for Songs, Movies, TV Shows, and Births/Deaths. Events have blue subheadings.

Copying & Pasting Tips

When copying info from the research page, you can copy the text on the webpage (CTRL+C) and paste it into the slide (CTRL+V).

When you do that, you may see the Paste Options toolbar pop up. You can choose the far right option "Keep Text Only". Or you can ignore it.

Reset Slides

Reset each slide as you make it using the Reset button on the HOME toolbar. Then make text bold as needed.

List Slides

Slide #2: Movies

  1. Title: "Top Movies"
  2. Text: list of 5 movies
  3. Reset the slide.

Slide #3: TV

  1. Title:
    • If your year is 1999 and before, type in "Top TV Shows"
    • If your year is 2000 and after, type in "TV Shows that Started"
  2. Text: list of 4
  3. Reset the slide

Slide #4: Births/Deaths

  1. Title:
    • If your year is 2009 and before, type in "Births"
    • If your year is 2010 and after, type in "Deaths" 
  2. Text: list of 3 people - copy from the list. 
  3. Reset the slide...
  1. Then select the names and make them bold...

Event Slides

Slides #5-6

You need to have 2 slides, one event per slide...

Title: type out the event heading from the webpage (blue heading).

If you copy the title text, you'll need to click on the empty line and Backspace to delete it.

Event Info: Select the event text on the research page and copy and paste it into the text box.

Reset the slide.

Then make the same words bold as on the research page.

Also delete the bullet for the text. Click in the text box, then click on the Bullets button on the HOME toolbar.

So when you've done your event slides, you should have 6 slides with lists/events...