Transition effects

Add a variety of transition types to your slides.

Advance automatically

Go to Slide Sorter view using the VIEW tab ...

...or the button at the bottom right:

Then on the TRANSITIONS tab and select all your slides (CTRL+A).

On the right side of the toolbar

  1. uncheck the box for "On Mouse Click"
  2. check the box for "After"
  3. set the Advance Slide amount of time for all your slides to start with to 10 seconds.
  1. Then adjust the amount of time for slides that need it. Select just Slide #1 and reduce to 3 seconds.
  2. Select all the list and event slides (#2-6), and adjust the time, increase to 20 sec.

Here are my slides done, you can see how much time each uses for transitions.

Slide Order

Click and drag your song slides so you have one song slide before each list/event slide...

Set up Slide Show

Go to the SLIDE SHOW tab and Set Up Slide Show.

Then set Show Type to "Browsed by individual" (this will make slides advance using the timings you've set up).