Set up Slide Show

Go to the SLIDE SHOW tab and Set Up Slide Show.

Then set Show Type to "Browsed kiosk".

Slide Sorter View

On slide #1, go to the bottom right of your window and set to Slide Sorter View...

Zoom out so you can see all your slides at once.

Add Transition effects

Go to the TRANSITIONS tab. 

With one slide selected, go to the drop-down menu and apply a transition to the slide. Add a variety of transition types to your slides. 

Use the drop-down menu, you'll see there are lots of transition types to choose from. Apply a different transition type to each slide.

When you've added a transition to each slide, you'll see a star to the bottom right of each slide thumbnail...

Advance automatically

Select all your slides (CTRL+A). You will be changing settings on the far right of the TRANSITIONS tab.

On the right side of the toolbar, uncheck the box for "On Mouse Click".

Then check the box before "After..."

Now set them to 10 sec.

Your slides will look like this...

Click somewhere off the slides so they're not selected anymore. Then just select slide #1... 

...and reduce it to 5 sec.

Select the list slides  (click on #3, hold CTRL and click on #5 and #7)...

... and increase to 20 sec.

So you'll see them changed...

Test it out. Hit F5 and play your slide show. It should be self-running, with the songs playing for 2 slides only.