Here are some other examples...

1. INsert Table

Insert a table with 1 column and 3 rows. —

Click in the bottom row, then right-click and choose Split Cells...

Leave the default and say OK.

You have something like this so far...

2. Insert Picture

  1. Click in the 2nd row.
  2. Find a picture: you want to find a horizontal/square picture, not a vertical one.
    • Go to INSERT>Online Pictures... and find a picture, insert it, or
    • Go on the internet and find a picture you'd like to use, then right-click "Copy", and back in Word, "Paste".ind a picture of what you want to make your flyer about. 
  3. In the first row, you can type out a few words, ie. what's for sale.
  4. Center the Picture: click in the second row (not on the picture) and center it.

3. Heading

If you haven't already done so, in the first row add a heading, a few words to describe what you're selling. 

Pump up the heading text and center it.

Select the text and format it so it's big and really stands out. —Choose a font type and size. It should fill the row. Play with the font size so it's filling almost the entire width. 

If you have more than 2 words, you may want to fill 2 lines (not 3). Later you can increase/decrease the size as you need to make things fit on one page.

Change the font color or style.

So you have something like this...

4. Info

Bulleted List

Click in the left cell of the bottom row. Click on the bullet toolbutton.

Then type out some things about what you're selling. Change it to a bulleted list. You should have about 4-7 bullets (they can be silly or serious). 

Contact info & price

Put in something like "For more info Call Mary at 604-595-4444".

  • Center it and have it on 3 separate lines (include a phone number, not an email address) 
  • Then type out a price, dollar sign first! 


Format all the text in the 3rd row to be Bookman Old Style, set the size to 16

At this point, make sure you have enough text for your bullets so they take up at least 7 lines. If not, type out more bullets/text. You want to be able to see that the right side has less text/space than the left.

Paragraph spacing

With your entire page (CTRL+A), click on the arrow at the bottom of the Paragraph section in the toolbar to expand and get the paragraph options.  

  • 6 or 12 pt before & after (depends on how much text you have). Make sure you have the box unchecked for "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style"! If it's shaded, check and then uncheck the box so it's empty. 

Center vertically

Click in the right cell and go to Cell Alignment ... choose the middle button so it's centered not only horizontally but also vertically.

So far have something like this...

5. Format Price

The price should be big, stand out like the heading. Make it the same font as the heading but smaller size.

  1. Select a bit of your heading font. Then click on the Format Painter tool.
  2. Drag the cursor over your price.

The price will be the same font size, type and style as the heading. 

Then adjust the font size down a bit. Hover your mouse over the selected text for the price, and you'll see the options, then drag down the font size. 

So far have something like this...

6. Filling up page; no extra page

Fill up the page

You want the flyer to fill up your page (so you get an extra blank page with nothing on it). Here are some techniques/options to to that:

Bullets: add more more text or bullets

Paragraph spacing: increase to 12 pts for bullets 

Heading: increase heading font size; make it on 2 lines

Text Size: select the bullets and increase font size to 18; also increase font size for contact info

Table not all on one page?

If you have any text on another page, you need to:

  • Adjust the column width of the split cell
  • Make the picture smaller
  • Make the page heading smaller

Get rid of extra blank page using the Ruler

Make sure your cursor is blinking somewhere on the first page. Then hover over the Ruler where it changes white to grey, until you get a 2-pointed arrow and it says "Bottom Margin". 

Then click and pull down a little bit until your 2nd page disappears. Do not pull it down all the way to the bottom! 

Now the extra page is gone and you have only 1 page.

7. Border

Select the entire table. Click on the Table toolbar, and choose No Border

If you're seeing gridlines, go to the DESIGN tab and deselect "View Gridlines".

Should have something like this...

Here's another example - you can see that the Ruler should be used and the Bottom Margin pulled down to 1/2".