My example is for a house. But you can do any topic. Here are some other examples...

INsert Table

Insert a table with 1 column and 3 rows. 

Click in the bottom row, then right-click and choose Split Cells...

Leave the default and say OK.

You have something like this so far...

Row 1: For Sale

  1. In the first row type out 1-2 words for what you want to sell.
  2. [Enter]
  3. Type out "For Sale".
  4. Center what's in the row.
  5. Find a fun/thick font type and set the size to "60".
  6. Add a style to the text.

Row 3: Info

Bulleted List

Select the text below and copy it (CTRL+C)...

This is the first thing that’s great about what I’m selling.

Here’s another thing that’s great about my product.

More great things about how amazing it is

Here’s why you should totally get this today!

Paste it into the left side (CTRL+V). Choose to "Keep Text Only" to make sure to remove any formatting 

If the pop-up toolbar disappears or you forget to do it right away, use the Clear Formatting button.

Now you need to delete the extra empty lines - click on these lines and Delete...

You should now have this...

Select the text and make it a bulleted list.

So now it looks like this...

Contact info & price

On the right side...

  1. Type out "For more info"
  2. [Enter]
  3. Type out "Call John Smith at" (or another name)
  4. [Enter]
  5. Type out "1-800-123-4567"
  6. [Enter]
  7. Type out "$2 million" or something similar length

Format bottom row

Select the bottom row and set the font type to "Bookman Old Style" and set the size to "16".

Paragraph spacing

Select the entire page (CTRL+A) and go to Paragraph options...

  1. Set spacing before and after to 6 pt. 
  2. Check and then uncheck the box.
  3. Set line spacing to single.

It should look like this...

Row 2: Picture

Now make sure you're seeing your page at 70%...

In another tab in Chrome, find a picture. You want to find a horizontal/square picture, not a vertical one.  It should be at least 600 px width.

Click on the preview. Right-click and "Copy Image"...

Click in the 2nd row of your table and paste it (CTRL+V). 

Resize to fill page

You need to adjust the picture size to fill up your page. 

  • Push/pull from a corner, not a side or the picture will get squished/stretched!
  • Make it as big as possible, creating a new blank page but without any text being on the 2nd page.
Not big enough (only 1 page)
Not big enough (only 1 page)
Good size (blank 2nd page)
Good size (blank 2nd page)

Picture doesn't fill row width?

If the picture is not as wide as the row, center it...

Picture too big?

  • If it's really big, size it down from a corner circle. 
  • You want an empty blank page - but all the text fits on the first page. 
  • Size it so it's filling up the page as much as possible - any bigger and text starts to go on the next page

Picture too wide? Crop it

In my example my picture is bigger than the width of the table, so I'm going to crop out the extra... with the picture selected, go tot he "Picture Tools" FORMAT tab... and click on Crop...

Then adjust the side to get hide the part of the photo you don't want.a

Click off to apply the cropping...

One Page only

Make sure you are seeing the Ruler. If not, go to the VIEW tab and check the box...

Make sure you are clicked somewhere on the first page! Hover over the ruler until it says "Bottom Margin"...

Then click and pull down to the 1/2" mark...

The extra page is now gone. It should say "Page 1 of 1".

Format Price

Select a bit of your heading font. Then click on the Format Painter tool.

Start clicking at the end of your price...

Drag to the left to include the $...

When you let go, it's really big...

Go up to the HOME toolbar and pump the font size down until it fits on one line.

So far have something like this...

Cell Alignment

Click anywhere in the bottom right cell and go to LAYOUT... set it to middle-middle...

Your bottom-right cell should be centered horizontally and vertically...a


Select the entire table. Click on the Table toolbar, and choose "No border". 

Should have something like this...