Top 5 Movies

1. Set up the table

At the top of your page type out "...`sTop 5 Movies" and Enter.

Page Orientation

Change page Orientation to "Landscape" under PAGE LAYOUT toolbar.

It will look like this...

Insert table

Make sure your cursor is blinking on the line below the heading! Go to INSERT and insert a table with 6 columns and 8 rows

Format page heading

Select the heading text and change the font type to a fancy/thicker type of font and make the size bigger and centered; also pick a style.

Row & Column Headings

Enter what you see in the picture below for the column and row headings. The column headings are #1-5, starting in the second column. The first column is for the row headings, starting in the fourth row as follows.

Select your table, make everything Tahoma 14

Select just the first row of the table and make the text bold. Select the first column text and make it bold

Hover over the line between the first and second column. When your cursor becomes a two-pointed arrow, click and drag to the left so the first column is as narrow as it can be. 

Make other columns even

Then select the other 5 columns and either right-click>Distribute Columns Evenly, or go to the LAYOUT tab and use the toolbutton

You should have something like this...

Optional: Center text in table

You can center everything in your table now horizontally (or wait, later you'll be centering everything horizontally and vertically).

So far have something like this...

2. Movie Info

Open the following links in new tabs in Chrome:

You will be finding the info and a picture for each movie and putting them in the table, in the following rows...

  1. Name of the movie
  2. Picture - right-click on the movie picture thumbnail in Rotten Tomatoes and "Copy". Then Paste it into your table but just the picture (remove the hyperlink).
  3. Year it was released
  4. Genre - one or two words, pick one that you think best describes the type of movie it is.
  5. Actors - the main one or two actors
  6. RT - the % rating that was given.
  7. IMDB - the number it got out of 10.

Once you have your info in, it'll look something like this...

3. Formatting

RT ratings

Right-click on one of the RT icons below and "Copy", then click on your page and paste with CTRL+V.

  • use the red tomato (if above 50%) or
  • use the green splat (if less than 50%)


Once you have one icon on the page, just copy and paste it behind the other percentages in the row so you have something like this...

IMDB ratings

Click with your cursor after the IMDB rating for one movie.

Go to INSERT>Symbol... "More Symbols"

Change the font type to "Wingdings" and find a star... Insert.

So you have something like this...

Once you have one, copy and paste it behind the other ratings to complete your row like this...

Paragraph spacing

Select the table. Then add Paragraph Spacing of 6 pt before & after. Make sure the box is unchecked for "Don't add space between paragraph..."

Fits on one page

Make sure it all fits on one page. 

If you don't even have your entire table on one page, then try the following:

  • adjust the pictures, make sure they`re the same size.
  • get rid of one of the lines for Genre so text fits on one line.
  • adjust the size of your page heading if that`s too big
  • make sure you don`t have full Enters after actors`names
  • check the columns are all even

If you have the table on one page but have an extra blank page like this...


  • make sure you see the Ruler. If you don't, go to VIEW tab and check the box for "Ruler".
  • adjust the margins down a little bit.

Cell alignment

Select the table, go to TABLE>LAYOUT... and set the Cell Alignment: make all cells aligned in the center horizontally and vertically

You should see it in rows where you have more than one line like these comparisons...

Borders & Shading

Remove table borders. Select the table, right-click Borders & Shading... and select None.

Add shading to the table headings:

  • first row - select it and right-click, add a color with the paint bucket drop-down menu
  • first column - same color

Here's another example done...