Tessellation #1 (Bricks)

First 2 rectangles

Click and drag out your canvas so it's about 900 x 700.

Draw one rectangle

Choose the Rectangle shape. Then:

  • Make the line thickness the thinnest possible.
  • Keep the default colors (foreground = black, background = white)
  • Draw out a rectangle, not too big.
  • You may just see a dotted outline. If you do, don't click off, just go to Outline>Solid color, then click off it.

Move rectangle up to top left

  • Select the rectangle with the Select tool (click and drag around it)
  • Then move it (drag it) up to the top left corner, not too close to the edge.

Second Rectangle

Go to the Select drop-down menu and choose "Transparent".

  • With the rectangle still selected, Copy (CTRL+C)
  • Zoom in (toolbutton or slider)
  • Then Paste (CTRL+V).
  • Move the rectangle beside the first one, lining up the edges so they're all one-pixel thick.


Make sure the Paint Bucket tool is selected.

  • Change Color 1 to any color (not black!) and click on one of the rectangles.
  • Change Color 1 to a different color to fill the other rectangle. 

You'll have something like this...

Fill up the canvas

Select the 2 colored rectangles and Copy. Make sure your background color is set to white.

Paste and move to the right.

Paste again, move below (staggered). Make sure the lines are one-pixel thick, not thicker.

Not lined up!
Not lined up!
Lined up
Lined up

Paste again, move below so you have a group of 8 bricks.

Once you have a group of 8, select it and Copy.

Keep pasting and moving into place, staggering the colors.

Once your canvas is filled like this...

Use the rectangular Select tool and select the area so you have no white parts. Then Crop.