Page Heading

  1. At the top of your page, type out "Maze"
  2. Enter and type your name
  3. Enter again so your cursor is blinking on an empty line below.
  4. Save your document!

Select the 2 lines of text and center them.

Select just "Maze" and change the font type to any thick font type. Pump up the font size to 28-36, and give it any style.

So far have something like this. At this point, zoom out to 70% so you can see the entire page in your screen...


Insert table

With your cursor blinking on the bottom line...

... go to the INSERT toolbar and go to Table. Hold down the Table drop-down menu til you have a 5 x 5 table. 

When you let go, the table is on your page.

Border style

Select the table - click on the selection icon on the top left...a

Then use the Borders drop-down menu and go to Borders and Shading...

Choose a Style (choose a dotted/dash style, single lines only), ColorWidth and then say OK.

You'll now have something like this...

Paragraph spacing

Select everything on the page (CTRL+A). Then go to Paragraph options...

Set the spacing before & after to 12 pt,  and set line spacing to "Single".

Your page now looks like this...

Pull down table

Click somewhere in the table and you should see a little square appear at the bottom right of the table.

Then click and pull that down (straight vertically - don't go to the right or left - you want your margins to stay even!).  Pull it down until you make the table as big as possible, with the table still showing up on your first page, but having an extra blank page.

  1. Pull down until you get an extra page. 
  2. Keep pulling down until the 5th row goes onto the next page
  3. Push it back up a little until the 5th row pops up on the first page.

Bottom margin

If you don't see your Ruler, go to the VIEW tab and check the box for Ruler...a

Click somewhere in the last row. Then hover over the Ruler, where it changes from white to gray - you want it to say "Bottom Margin"...

... then click and drag it down until the extra page disappears, but not all the way down, just to about the 1/2" mark.

When you let go, the extra page should be gone and it'll say "Page 1 of 1".

"Start" & "End"

In the top left cell, type out "Start". In the bottom right cell, type out "End". Select the table cells and set the font type to "Gigi" and size "20".

Click in the table cell with "End" in it and go to the Layout tab... set it to the bottom right one...

So far...

Create Maze Path

Remove borders/lines between cells to create a path.

You will use the tool button on the HOME tab - then you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Y to remove the same type of line, or use the toolbutton again.


  1. Select 2-3 cells across in the first row.
    Start by clicking inside the first "start" cell and drag to the right to include 1-2 more cells.
  2. Then use the toolbutton for Border and choose Inside Vertical Border. This will hide the lines between those cells. 

Keep going - select 2-3 cells across and hide the border using the tool button or CTRL+Y.



Start clicking in one of the cells in the first row and drag down 1-4 rows. Then go to Inside Horizontal Border....

Repeat this process for each column:

  1. Select 2-4 cells in the column and CTRL+Y
  2. Select 2-3 cells in that column and CTRL+Y

Here's the pattern I did in my example. You can do your own pattern...

Clip Art

Find a transparent picture

In a new tab in Chrome, do a search for "cartoon ... transparent background" and whatever your theme is. In my example I searched for "fish".

If you find a picture you like, click on it to see the preview.

  • If you see little squares like in the example below, then it'll work. 
  • If there's stuff in the background or you see squares in the thumbnail, it won't work.

Right-click on the picture and "Copy Image".

Put the picture into Word

In Word, make sure your cursor is below (not in) the table. Then paste (CTRL+V).

The picture will end up on a new page which is fine. Just click on it, size it down a bit and set wrapping to "In Front of Text"...

Then move the picture where you want inside the maze.

Repeat this process for 3-4 more pictures, arranging them in your maze when you've done.