1. Page Heading

At the top of your page, type out "Maze", Enter and type your name, and Enter again.

Select the 2 lines of text and center them.

Select just "Maze" and change the size (pump it up) and font type.

Also change the style.

So far have something like this... Save it as "Maze" to your Documents class folder.

2. Insert Table

With your cursor blinking on the bottom line, go to the INSERT toolbar and go to Table.

Hold down the Table drop-down menu til you have a 5 x 5 table. When you let go, the table is on your page.

3. "Start" & "End"

Add text

In the top left cell, type out "Start". In the bottom right cell, type out "End".

Font type & size

Select the entire table and change the font type to something more fun, and pump up the sizeWhen you've done this, you may want to pump up your page heading a bit more.

Paragraph spacing

Select your entire page (CTRL+A) and make the paragraph spacing. Open Paragraph options. Change before & after to 12 pt, and make sure the box is unchecked, and make it all Single line spacing.

So far you have this..

4. Rows

Drag down bottom row

Drag down the size of the table to fill up the page until a second blank page is just created. Then adjust your bottom left margin so it's one page.

Option #1: Drag down the little square at the bottom right of the table.

Option #2: Drag down the bottom row...then select your rows, right-click and Distribute Rows Evenly.

Cell alignment

Click in or select the cell with the word "End" in it, and change Cell Alignment to bottom right. Go to the LAYOUT tab and choose the cell alignment option...

5. Borders

Border style

Select your table by clicking on the 4 pointed arrow at the top left of the table, or select all the cells in the table.

Go to Borders/Shading options...

  • right-click, or
  • go to the DESIGN tab

Choose a style, thickness and color for the lines...

Remove borders to create path

Remove borders/lines between cells to create a path - 

  1. First select 2 cells - horizontal or vertical, depending on which cells you have selected.
  2. Then to go Border options and click on "Inside Horizontal/Vertical Borders" (on the HOME toolbar or the TABLE>DESIGN toolbar).

You can save time by doing a bunch of "Horizontal" borders in a row - use CTRL+Y to redo the last action.

Continue on til you have a maze. It doesn't have to be difficult but it should look like you've done a mix of lines missing, something like this...

6. Clip Art

Find a transparent picture

In a new tab in Chrome, do a search for "transparent cartoon ..." and whatever your theme is. In my example I searched for "fish".

If you find a picture you like, click on it to see the preview. If you see little squares like in the example below, then it'll work.

Put the picture into Word

Right-click on the picture and "Copy Image".

In Word, make sure your cursor is below (not in) the table. Then paste (CTRL+V).

Put the picture in the maze

Resize the picture (dragging in from a corner) so it's not too big.

Then if you are clicked on the picture, you can click on the Layout button on the top right. Set the Text Wrapping to "In Front of Text" option.

Now you can move the picture into the maze, having it be partially on some of the lines.

More pictures

Repeat this process for at least 3 more pictures, arranging them in your maze when you've done.

One page only

Make sure it all fits on one page. If it's not, Backspace so you only have one line after the table and then adjust the Ruler down a bit. It should say "Page 1 of 1".