Go to the DESIGN tab and go to Themes...

Choose the Theme "Badge"...

Optional: change it to one of these 4 Variants

Slide Master View

Go to VIEW>Slide Master...

Scroll up on the left to see the top master slide...

Click on the top slide in the list on the left...

Title Box

Font type & size

Click on the border of the title box, and change the Font type to "Brittanic Bold" (size 60).


With the title box still selected, go to the FORMAT tab, and then click on Quick Styles

Find a style you like. Also add 1-2 of the following (if it doesn't aleady have it) so it stands out and is unique...

  • Fill> Gradient (select the color first, then set light/dark type)
  • Outline: add a color, and change the thickness/weight
  • Effects: Shadow, Glow, Bevel

Do not add any of the following effects: Reflection, 3D Reflection, Transform

Title box size

When you're done, reduce the height of the title box and make it a bit wider (both sides)...

Text Box

  1. Move the text box up to hug the title box.
  2. Reduce the width to about half of the slide.
  3. Make it bigger - extend it down so it's almost reaching the bottom of the slide.

Select just the first bullet text and change the font type to "Bookman Old Style" and the size to "24".

Now we'll set the text in the textbox to not get bigger or smaller, depending on the size of the box. We want it always to be size 24 so our presentation is consistent.

Right-click on the border of the text box and "Format Shape" (or click in the box and go up to the FORMAT tab, then click on the arrow at the bottom of the Shapes section). Go into the Text Options... Text Box... and set to not "Do not Autofit". 


Go to the INSERT tab and insert WordArt...the white indented one...

Then type out your year, rotate the box sideways and move over the left colored bar at the bottom...

Close Slide Master View

To get out of Slide Master, go to the SLIDE MASTER tab and click on the close button.

Last Slide

Go to Slide #12 and change the Layout to "Title Slide" (on the HOME toolbar). 

Clcik before "End" and Enter so it goes onto the next line.

Reset Slides & Bold

If you have not already done so:

  1. Reset each slide.
  2. Make words bold in the slide as needed:
    • #4- people's names should be bold
    • #5, #6 - names in text box should be bold (if had that on the research page)
  3. Remove the bullet from the event slides text.