Top Movies

Getting started

At the top of your page type out your first name and "`s Top Movies" and Enter.

Go to the LAYOUT tab and change page Orientation to "Landscape".

Zoom out to 80%..

And make sure you see the Ruler - if not, go to the VIEW tab and check the box...

Insert table

Make sure your cursor is blinking on the line below the heading! Go to INSERT tab...

Insert a table with 6 columns and 8 rows. 

Your page looks like this so far...

Format page heading

Select the heading text and 

  1. change the font type to 'Gill Sans Ultra' (or another thick type of font)
  2. pump up the font size to '24' 
  3. give it a font style.

Then click anywhere on the page heading line and center it.

Row & Column Headings

Enter what you see in the picture below for the column and row headings. The column headings are #1-5, starting in the second column. The first column is for the row headings, starting in the fourth row as follows.

Table font

Select the text in the table - start in the top left cell and drag down to the bottom right cell, nothing extra/outside the table. Then set the font type to "Calisto MT", size 14.

Bold headings

  1. Select the first row  - move your mouse to the left of the row until you get a white/tilted arrow, then click.
  2. Make it bold (CTRL+B or toolbutton).
  1. Select the first column - hover near the top edge until you see a black/thicker arrow, then click to select the row.
  2. Make it bold.

Make first column narrower

Hover over the line between the first and second column. When your cursor becomes a two-pointed arrow, click and drag to the left so the first column is as narrow as it can be. 

Make other columns even

Then select the other 5 columns and right-click> Distribute Columns Evenly...

You should have something like this...

Paragraph spacing

Select everything on the page (CTRL+A) and go to Paragraph options...

  1. Set spacing before & after to 6 pt using the arrows
  2. Check and then uncheck the box so it's empty, not shaded
  3. Line spacing - set to "Single".

So far you have this...